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‍In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, each year brings new contenders vying for the title of the best phone. The Reader’s Choice Award is an esteemed accolade that recognizes the device that captivates users the most. In 2022, Google surprised everyone by snatching the award with the Pixel 7 Pro, breaking Samsung’s stronghold. However, this year, Samsung fans rallied together and proclaimed the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as the best phone of 2023.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: The Ultimate Beast

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is an absolute powerhouse that has rightfully earned its praise. Equipped with a 200MP main camera, a stunning display, and S Pen functionality, this device is a class apart. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the same processor found in its smaller sibling models, the Galaxy S23 Ultra offers larger storage capacities and an expansive 6.8-inch display. It is the perfect companion for note-takers on the go, thanks to its S Pen support.

The Elimination Round: The Battle Begins

The journey to determine the best phone of 2023 started with an elimination round that featured 32 contenders. The initial round of voting took place exclusively at Android Authority, where both old favorites and underdog surprises emerged. The vanilla Samsung Galaxy S23 impressed with 5.4% of the votes, showcasing its popularity as the second-best seller in the Galaxy S series. The mid-range Google Pixel 7a also garnered attention, securing 3.2% of the votes despite the odds stacked against it. However, the true underdog of the round was the OnePlus Open, the company’s first foldable phone, which captured a notable 5.2% of the votes.

The Final Four: Clash of the Titans

As the elimination round came to a close, the final four phones emerged, dominated by the tech giants Samsung, Google, and Apple. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, Pixel 8 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and Pixel 8 made it to the final round, showcasing the consistent powerhouses in the smartphone market. The results closely mirrored those of the previous year, setting the stage for an intense battle.

The Final Round: Galaxy S23 Ultra Reigns Supreme

The final round, where the ultimate winner was decided, witnessed voting across multiple platforms, including Android Authority, YouTube, Threads, Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). The Galaxy S23 Ultra quickly established its dominance, with the Pixel 8 Pro only posing a challenge at Android Authority. Across other platforms, the Galaxy S23 Ultra swept the competition, claiming an overwhelming 65% of the vote on YouTube. Despite a respectable showing at Threads, the Pixel 8 Pro couldn’t match the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s popularity. The final round confirmed the Galaxy S23 Ultra as the best phone of 2023, as voted by the readers.

Reader’s Choice Award 2023: A Celebration of Passion

The Reader’s Choice Award is a testament to the passion and enthusiasm of smartphone users worldwide. Thousands of people participated in the voting process, sharing their opinions, and engaging in discussions about their favorite devices. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s victory is a reflection of how it resonated with users, capturing their hearts and minds.

Conclusion: Galaxy S23 Ultra Reigns Supreme

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s win as the Reader’s Choice for the best phone of 2023 is a testament to its exceptional features and performance. With its 200MP main camera, stunning display, and S Pen functionality, it offers an unparalleled user experience. This victory solidifies Samsung’s position as a frontrunner in the smartphone industry while setting the stage for innovation and competition in the years to come.

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