Elevating Customer Satisfaction through Simple Analytics Mastery

Positive young woman in uniform smiling while standing at counter desk in cafe
Positive young woman in uniform smiling while standing at counter desk in cafe


Imagine you, a customer service operations manager, surrounded by a sea of data – call stats, emails, satisfaction reports. Yet, despite having access to numerous metrics, you and your team primarily focus on a handful. When key metrics falter, the traditional approach involves pep talks, hope, and prayers for quick improvement.

A Simple Analytics Revolution:
There’s a better way, utilizing straightforward business analytics methodologies: aggregate analysis, correlation analysis, trend analysis, and sizing/estimation. Mastering these techniques, achievable with tools like Excel, empowers you to unravel the root causes of crucial metrics decline.

Three Simple Steps for Implementation:
Step 1: Assess Analytics Aptitude:
Identify analytics inclination within your team. A quick aptitude test can pinpoint potential talents. If not your forte, ensure someone on your team with analytical prowess undergoes training to deliver actionable insights.

Step 2: Embrace the BADIR Framework:
Leverage a structured approach – the BADIR process:

  • B: Arrive at the real Business Question.
  • A: Develop a hypothesis-driven Analysis plan.
  • D: Collect Data as per the plan.
  • I: Derive Insights using appropriate analytics methodologies.
  • R: Make actionable Recommendations based on data insights.

Customer Satisfaction Scenario:
For instance, in the realm of customer service, distill the business question: “How can we identify detractors of customer satisfaction (CSAT) and incorporate these drivers into the daily dashboard?” Follow the BADIR framework to analyze factors like wait times, online help, IVR presence, and more. Correlate these metrics with CSAT to unveil the most influential detractors.

Step 3: Embrace Continuous Practice:
Becoming proficient in business analytics requires relentless practice. Engage your entire team in managing their performance and respective drivers. Dive into your data trove; valuable insights await discovery.

Empowering Your Team:
Fear not the data. Once armed with insights, translate them into recommendations and integrate them into your organization. Update your daily dashboard to feature key driver metrics like first call resolution (FCR), agent hold time, and agent professionalism.

A Resilient Approach:
Next time a customer satisfaction metric falters, turn to these drivers. Analyze, find trends, and take swift corrective action. With practice and a structured approach, you’ll uncover meaningful insights, transforming potential pitfalls into opportunities for improvement.

Credit to: Piyanka Jain, Best Seller

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